SMS Messaging can be used for a number of different reasons reminders, alerts and updates the list is endless,  it’s not just used for selling . Below I have created a list of  some great ideas and many different ways to help you use SMS messaging that will benefit your business .
  1. New product information for existing customers
  2. Event notifications
  3. Voucher/Coupon based schemes
  4. Customer loyalty campaigns
  5. Brand awareness campaigns
  6. Special offers
  7. Competitions – ( Which will help build your SMS Database)
  8. Product updates
  9. Delivery and service notifications
  10. Booking and order confirmations
  11. Disaster notifications
  12. Weather alerts
  13. Flight and travel information
  14. Staff updates
  15. Banking information
  16. Security details (e.g passwords)
  17. Appointment confirmation
  18. Appointment reminders
  19. Proactive fraud information
  20. Identity theft reduction
  21. Payment notification/ reminders
  22. Opening and Closing times during special occasions
  23. Enhancing customer relationships
  24. Training reminders
  25. Group Bulk Texts
  26. Itinerary updates
As seen from above the list is endless, for more information on how your business can benefit from using SMS Messaging contact NeonSMS Today call +353 243 0700 . Sign up for a FREE TRIAL today. Sign up for your free trail today