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We make the communication process quick and easy while also enabling you to grow and manage your subscriber database. This effective all–in–one solution enables you to send messages while automatically filtering subscriptions, saving you time and money as well as guaranteeing 100% compliance with GDPR and data protection law – a solution that is ideal for any kind of business!

Contact management can be a time consuming and ever changing task, with GDPR Pro we have taken away all the hassle by enabling your contacts to add or remove themselves from your list, leaving you free to think about your messages!


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Text Manager simplifies your GDPR requirements by allowing your recipients to Opt themselves In and Out of your messaging Database

Experience the convenience of GDPR Pro from Cadoo

If you’re looking to build a contact list or maintain your current list in a GDPR compliant manner than GDPR Pro is the product for you!

Subscribers can manage their own opt-in and opt-outs, giving them plenty of control and giving you peace of mind, while message batches can be sent instantly or scheduled for a specific date and time!



Key Benefits of GDPR Pro from Cadoo

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  • Quick, low-cost communication with customers
  • Secure management of your subscriber database
  • Easily manageable subscriber database – subscribers can manage their own opt-ins and opt-outs
  • Full compliance with GDPR and data protection laws
  • Create, edit & store message templates
  • Schedule outgoing message batches
  • Integration with your website
  • Receive customised reports
  • Auto-reply functionality
  • Tiered user access permissions

GDPR Pro – Simple Works.

At Cadoo, we like to keep things simple. If you have any questions on our GDPR Pro or have other messaging requirements, we’re sure we have the solution for you with our wide range of products. Get in touch today – we’re here to help!

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