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Communication Solutions from Cadoo:

Keep your contacts at your fingertips. With our solutions it’s never been easier to stay in touch! We have a suite of products tailor made to suit your business needs.  Choose a solution below that best fits your requirement.

Instant Communication

Cadoo’s reliable business messaging platform serves over 5000 organizations worldwide, establishing trust through exclusive collaborations with reputable brands. Engineered for instant multi-channel communication of time-sensitive information, our platform prioritizes simplicity.

Simplicity is our mantra; our platform facilitates the effortless dispatch of urgent notifications. Our user-friendly solution empowers you to effortlessly store, send, schedule, and analyze messages, streamlining the messaging process for your convenience.

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Customer Engagement

Join Cadoo, one of the top tier messaging platforms in Ireland and experience instant results from your campaigns. Simply create your message and let Cadoo take care of the rest! We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Use the Cadoo platform to grow your footprint, create brand awareness and cast a wider net over your potential new customers. Drive interaction from your audience at all stages of your journey, anytime, anywhere!

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Secure your business growth with a simple payment solution. Our integrated payment facility will save you time and reduce outstanding debts. Create engaging payment requests that will provide your customers with a convenient payment option.

Modernise your debt collection by adding innovation to your accounts process. Give your customers the freedom of payments by mobile!

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Staff Communication

For all your team’s correspondence, Cadoo has the solution for you. 98% of our messages are read within 7 seconds. Ensure your message is heard! Communication within your organisation is more important than ever, staying in touch has never been easier.

Coordinate your communication with our highly efficient platform. Broadcast vital notifications instantly and keep your teams informed.

Advanced software built to deliver your staff communication!

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