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Instant Communication

We make it easy to stay connected! Using the Cadoo Messaging platform, you can send notifications or alerts to one or many recipients. Our API Connection facilitates the sending of messages automatically or you can simply log in to our user–friendly web portal and update your audience immediately.

Studies show that SMS and Push messaging have an open rate of 98% making notifications through these mediums highly reliable. Cadoo platform offers security and peace of mind with our world class trusted direct carrier networks.


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Instant Communication

“Merck adopted the Cadoo Solution in 2018 and have used the platform affectively to update our large workforce of important internal announcements. The service has been reliable, easy to use and cost effective.” – Merck

Instant Communication


Experience World Class Communication



Some benefits of Instant Communication:

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  • Reach your audience anytime, anywhere
  • Unparalleled brand recognition
  • Time critical alerts delivered instantly
  • Secure one-time passwords (OTP) & two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Reduce missed appoinments
  • Maximise your reach with a large capacity
  • Preferred communication method
  • Accurate & fast connectivity

Cadoo instant messaging works for one-time passwords (OTP) & two-factor authentication (2FA) keeping accounts secure through our API gateway

Simple self-service dashboard for managing users, creating messages and alerts and monitoring responses.

Whatever your query, feel free to call +353 21 243 0700 or e-mail us on info@cadoo.com