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Staff Communication

Excellent team communication is essential. With the Cadoo platform, we make the process seamless! Connect to your teams using our SMS service or our innovative Cadoo App. Deliver critical time-sensitive messages with confidence.

The Cadoo platform is easily integrated with existing communications to provide a more complete solution, that can be customised to your requirements.


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Staff Communication

Cadoo messaging services are easy to use and enables us to keep the lines of communication open with all of our employees – especially important now during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Cadoo Staff Communication

The only communication tool your team needs!


Some Key uses for Staff Communication:

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  • Weather alerts
  • Shift patterns
  • HR Communications
  • Instant, online staff team messaging
  • Health and Safety guidelines
  • Office policies
  • Site protocols
  • Employee engagement platform

An employee messaging system that connects a team with push messaging, text alert services & a user-friendly engagement platform

Staff Communication platform that can be integrated or web based for ease of use.

Whatever your query, feel free to call +353 21 243 0700 or e-mail us on info@cadoo.com