While we often think of SMS Marketing when considering how mobile is changing business, we explore more ways companies can target mobile users. Mobile phones are more technologically advanced than ever, and worldwide mobile device usage has skyrocketed over the past number of years. With more and more people using their mobile phones to access the internet, businesses are learning to adapt and target the new opportunity that mobile internet users provide. While traditional SMS marketing and other mobile business practices are effective in targeting mobile users, there is a wealth of information available now that can help businesses bolster their mobile practices. Mobile phones have become quite ubiquitous in modern-day life, and consequently there is a huge rise in internet usage on mobile devices. The growth in the mobile phone industry can be attributed to a steady fall in the price of telephone and broadband internet services. As more and more users access the web primarily from their handheld devices, rather than a desktop, businesses are adapting to keep up with the average mobile user. This Infographic explores the way in which mobile users tend to interact with businesses and outlines ways in which they can be targeted efficiently. Neon SMS - The Rise of the Mobile User