Smartphones are an absolutely magnificent technological innovation, but the software used for them is so advanced that we need to take great care in order to protect them from unwelcome spies and hackers. Our locations, bank details, credit card transactions, calls, photos, emails and messages can all be traced with ease if we do not exercise sufficient care, and this information can very quickly be shared with anybody in the world. This infographic tells you who is likely to be tracking your smartphone, as well as detailing the many methods in which your phone can be tracked. Look out for warning signs such as a quickly draining battery, unusual text messages, overheating, extremely high data usage, delay in shutdown or a generally slow performance from your phone. You wouldn’t photocopy letters to specific addressees and send them to any random person around the world, but if you’re naïve about your smartphone use, you are doing the technological equivalent of this through your phone. Check out the graphic to see if your phone is highly susceptible to spies and hackers.   Who is Tracking Your Smartphone – Infographic