On 12th March 2020, Ireland shut down suddenly in response to rising Covid-19 cases. How were we to communicate effectively with our teams, customers, and other stakeholders in this fast-moving environment? We quickly hit on the answer as everybody has a smartphone on their person. I struggle to imagine how we otherwise could have kept our critical communication in step, and convey the crucial information about where and how to work and what tools people could use.

With 83% of the world’s population owning a smartphone, it’s hard to believe that many businesses aren’t using smartphones to communicate effectively with their employees. Whether it’s an SME or a multinational corporation, communication is at the centre of any successful business relationship. From creating rapport and co-ordinating people, to leading effectively and resolving complex time sensitive challenges, the effects of good communication ripple into every aspect of business.

Despite this, firms in every industry have communicated ineffectively at some point and will continue to do so. With this in mind, it’s important for companies to appreciate the value of effective internal communication and understand how to better use mobile messaging to achieve business success.

SMS for employee communication

SMS is increasingly being used by companies to communicate within their network as it is a quick and efficient form of communication. Perhaps the biggest benefit of using text messages is that they are more likely to get attention than an email, as employees are always reachable on their phones. According to a study, the average Irish person checks their phone 58 times per day. Text messaging keeps employees and colleagues in the loop when it matters most.

Time is of the essence

In the event of an emergency or incident, it is critical to be able to deliver messages quickly. Employees are inundated with emails which means an alert can easily be missed – research shows that the average person receives over 100 emails per day. They can often be travelling or in meetings and won’t always be at their desk to see your email when you need them to see it. Using mobile messaging instead can deliver timely information so employees can stay up to date no matter where they are.

Two-way communication

SMS messaging allows for two-way communication, which enables employees to respond instantly as well as providing feedback. Companies can leverage the power of mobile messaging to circulate information such as company announcements, staff rosters, corporate news, holiday requests, salary payments or IT notifications, while interacting directly with employees.

There are many existing tools and platforms that can help to strengthen your business’ internal communications. At Cadoo, we provide bulk or individual mobile messaging solutions to fit your business needs.