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Contacts & Groups

  1. Click Contacts to go to Contacts page view

Create a new contact group

  1. On the Contact groups view page click Create Group.
  1. Enter the group name.
  2. Click Create. The new group can now be seen in the Contact groups view page.

Add a contact manually to a group.

  1. Click on the Add contact icon on the right of the group name
  2. Enter the contact details
  3. Click Add.
  1. When you start adding contacts to your groups the Default group is also updated. The Default group contains the contact details of all your contacts and is created and updated automatically when adding or deleting contacts. When contacts are being added the Default list is checked for the contact number. If the mobile number already exists the number and details will not be added to the Default group but will be added to a group if the group name is present for the contact. (Note: The default group cannot be deleted by the user but can be deleted by Cadoo admin when this has been confirmed by email to This action cannot be reversed.)
  2. The new contact has been added to the chosen group
– or –
  1. Click on group name.
  1. Click Add Contact.
  1. Enter the contact details
  2. Click Add. The new contact can now be seen in the Group contacts view.

Import a contact list to a group from a spreadsheet.

  1. Click on the drop menu to the right of the groupname and select import Contacts to groupname.
  2. Browse to your contact list.
  3. When you have selected your CSV file click Create.
  4. The new group can now be seen in the Contact groups view page.

Import a new Group contact list to a group from a spreadsheet.

A new group can be uploaded with its contacts if the group field is present in the CSV file. If a list is uploaded and the group field is empty all contacts will be added to the Default list.

Create a CSV Contact file for upload.

  1. Open your spread sheet application.
  2. Create a new blank sheet.
  3. Enter column headings: Cell A1 : firstname Call B1 : surname Cell C1 : title Cell D1 : mobile (Required) Cell E1 : group (Insert screenshot)
  4. Format the mobile column to a number with zero decimal places.
  5. Cell D1 : mobile (Required) Enter mobile number in its international format (eg: 3538×1234567).
  6. Cell E1 : group If you are importing a list to an existing group this field is not required. If you are importing a new list to a new group, this field will create the group and add the contact to that group.

Default Group


Contact Group associations.

  1. Click on All Contacts tab.
  2. Use the search bar to find your contact or use the page navigation to go through your contacts.
  3. Click on View in the Group Association column for the contact.
  4. All associated groups are shown for that contact.
  5. To remove the contact from the group click Remove.
(Note: This action will remove the contact from the group but will retain the contact details in the Default list and other groups if present.)

Delete a contact permanently.

  1. Search for your contact from the All Contacts tab or from the group view.
  2. Click delete and click Delete to confiirm.
(Note: Deleting a contact removes the contact from all associated groups including the Default group. This is permanent and cannot be reversed.) To remove a contact from a group please see here.(Link to Contact Group associations)

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