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About Cadoo

Who We Are:

Cadoo began as Neon SMS in 2003 with our internet SMS gateway solution, using our Application Programming Interfaces (API), developed and brought to market. Our vision from day one has been clear – to deliver innovative and reliable SMS services to businesses and organisations with technology-driven solutions delivered through the highest level of customer service.

The consistent growth and expansion of Cadoo over the years is based on our business foundation of customer service, innovation and product quality. We haven’t wavered on this target over the last 18 years and even as the business evolved, our direction is always to stay connected with customers while delivering them the technology to maintain important relationships, too.

These values have been at the forefront of every business decision and in 2018, we launched the next phase of our business journey in our new identity as Cadoo. Our dedication to evolution and growth is upheld in our vision of Cadoo: a company with renewed goals and ambitions with a fortified focus on innovation and technology that drives even more value for our customers.

In 2021, we embarked on the next part of our journey: expanding Cadoo into the United Kingdom and delivering our proprietary products to new customers searching for an exceptional communication solution. With the value proposition of staying in touch being made easy with our range of Cadoo business messaging products, we are anticipating more milestones and innovation as we continue delivering accurate, fast, customisable, and rich media communication to our customers’ contact lists in the UK and beyond. For our clients in the UK, as well as our valued global clients, Cadoo continues to help them keep the conversation going and makes sure their messages land at the right place and right time.

With our technology and our ethos of innovation Cadoo is not only the messaging tool for the future it has established a standard for unparalleled customer service. We’re proud to bring you exceptional communication products that focus on the most important parts of business processes and stakeholder outreach. For us, this is striving to make our products even better every single day and always improving on the service offering to make change no matter where our customers – and our Cadoo team – are connecting from.