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  • How To Boost Your Bulk Messaging With Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Infographic

    One of the leading characteristics of the digital age is connectivity with every piece of technology helping businesses improve their stakeholder conversations. The best business process solutions for bulk messaging lie in using solutions that bring in the heft of artificial intelligence (AI) for accurate, agile and timely conversations. This technology niche is booming with […]

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  • Communication made easier!

    Cutting Through the Noise with Cadoo Explainer Video   Our “new normal” has brought to light challenges and hurdles that we did fully understand previously. Cutting through the noise has never been more important. At Cadoo we want to help you to communicate with your audience and remove any confusion about your business. There has […]

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  • Exciting Appointment News – Nic Fielers

    Cadoo appoints Nic Fielers as IT Project Manager   Cadoo, the leading provider of messaging services in Ireland, today announces the appointment of Nic Fielers as IT Project Manager. The appointment follows strong recent growth for the business and will aid Cadoo’s expansion into the UK market.   With over 20 years’ experience in IT […]

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  • Managing messaging for Schools during Summer

    Close-up of a sitting woman on a smartphone

    Cadoo enables education institutions to cut through the noise and misinformation around coronavirus to send school messages directly to students, parents, guardians and staff.   The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a host of new challenges for education institutions. High on this list, is the question of how to communicate important COVID-19 updates clearly. Getting […]

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  • What is 5G Technology & How Will It Affect the Mobile Experience? (Infographic)

    Illustration of a man using a 5G smartphone

    With every year, more and more people are using mobile devices and data. Greater congestion on existing spectrum bands is resulting in breakdowns in service, especially when lots of people in the same area are trying to go online at same time. The next generation of networking, 5G, offers a superior way of handling thousands […]

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  • GDPR & Mobile Messaging Explained (Infographic)

    Mobile phone showing GDPR on its screen

    Stricter regulation means that data protection is now a central tenet of a successful B2C mobile messaging strategy. GDPR Explained The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR for short) is a set of data protection rules for all companies operating in the EU that came into effect in May 2018. GDPR was created by the […]

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  • How to Increase Your Open Rates with Messaging Apps (Infographic)

    Young woman using a mobile phone on a park bench

    Messaging apps enjoy far superior open rates when compared to email campaigns. This tells us that push notification apps are clearly the way to go if you want to maximise engagement. Indeed, there are already several case studies that show the huge potential of messaging apps for marketers. Statistics about Messaging App Open Rates HubSpot […]

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  • The Benefits of Messaging Apps for Business – Info Graphic

    Close-up of three people against a window using their smartphones

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