One of the leading characteristics of the digital age is connectivity with every piece of technology helping businesses improve their stakeholder conversations. The best business process solutions for bulk messaging lie in using solutions that bring in the heft of artificial intelligence (AI) for accurate, agile and timely conversations.

This technology niche is booming with projections that the global market will hit a value of $70 billion USD in 2020!


How Does AI Strengthen Bulk Messaging?

AI represents a revolutionary new era in communication of all kinds. This is known as ‘smart communication’ due to its algorithms that use machine learning to deliver scheduled, intuitive, or automated responses via natural language processing. On a purely technical level, Accenture says that AI is, “Artificial intelligence is a constellation of many different technologies working together to enable machines to sense, comprehend, act, and learn with human-like levels of intelligence.”

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The technical value for bulk messaging lies in how it can be harnessed for essential communication services that every business and organisation has from sending SMS/text message reminders through to chatbots on a native website.


The New Era of Bulk Messaging

With evolution in technology comes the next generation of solutions, products and software. From the Internet of Things to auto-replies, AI plays a major role in our daily lives already even if we’re not conscious of it or it’s taken for granted.

While there has been some form of automation in most messaging over the last two decades, the future sees greater personalisation, higher rates of AI-led communications, and increased opportunities to design even better and far more interactive customer experiences. This will have measurable returns for businesses both in sales and customer retention with Campaign Monitor finding that emails with a personalised subject line are 26% more likely to be opened than those that didn’t.

These small changes that a business can make with bulk messaging with AI really can have a compounding effect over time.


Key Benefits of AI for Business Messaging Solutions

The major benefits of bulk messaging with AI are characterised in terms of:

    • Compliance ‒ higher rate of accurate correspondence particularly in routine communications for mass recipients or providing answers to frequently asked questions
    • Frequency ‒ increased capacity for businesses and organisations to reply, engage, or follow up leads
    • Resource Management ‒ significant cost optimisation in terms of the return on investment plus how it frees employees to work on qualitative and quantitative tasks
    • Connectivity ‒ interactive, immediate and round-the-clock responses and outreach
    • Strategic Characteristics ‒ ability to roll out campaigns, mail-out scheduling, and provision of key information for instant sales conversions or resolutions
    • Integratable ‒ can be incorporated into existing business processes efficiently and with easy scaling

Learn More with the Infographic on Bulk Messaging with AI

The infographic below explains in thorough detail the value that’s created when businesses invest in bulk messaging solutions that use AI. Contact us to get started with your own Cadoo business messaging solution today.

How To Boost Your Bulk Messaging With Artificial Intelligence