Messaging apps enjoy far superior open rates when compared to email campaigns. This tells us that push notification apps are clearly the way to go if you want to maximise engagement. Indeed, there are already several case studies that show the huge potential of messaging apps for marketers.

Statistics about Messaging App Open Rates

    • HubSpot experimented with a message that was sent via a messaging app and email. The open rates for the messaging app were 80%, compared to just 33% for email.
    • An invite to a conference that was sent via a messaging app instead of email returned an open rate of 94%. (HubSpot)
    • The only other communication method with such high engagement is the traditional SMS, with an open rate of 98%, but this lacks many of the features of messaging apps. (Gigaom)
    • WeChat, one of the leading messaging apps in China, has daily open rates of more than 60%.
    • On average, the unsubscribe rate for messaging apps is under 1%, proving that messaging apps tend to generate tremendous loyalty.

Messaging Apps: An Alternative to Email Marketing

Today, consumers’ inboxes are overflowing with newsletters and promotional content. The majority of these are automatically sent to spam. As a result of customers’ ever-increasing sense of “email fatigue”, the few marketing emails that do reach the inbox are usually deleted by the user on sight. Consequently, many marketers are using instant messaging apps as a way to overcome this issue and communicate with customers.

What are the Benefits of Messaging Apps for Marketers?

Messaging apps have a very broad target audience, with smartphones used worldwide by people of all ages. In fact, mobile messaging app usage overtook social media usage in 2015 for the first time and has continued to grow since. They offer your brand greater visibility as notifications appear on a device’s home screen, which is not always the case with email or other channels.

Messaging apps facilitate direct communication between companies and customers without public involvement, which helps to boost customer satisfaction and makes it easier for companies to share relevant content with customers privately. What’s more, unlike social media posts, messages reach all subscribers without depending on an algorithm. Another major advantage is that they offer marketers a highly cost-effective option as these platforms are usually free.


Read our infographic “The Benefits of Messaging Apps for Businesses”.

Tips for Boosting Open Rates

  • Build A Community for Potential Partners & Clients

If you utilise an active or growing messaging platform, the clients and partners that you’re targeting are likely to already be using the platform. By establishing a community where clients and partners can contact you directly, you can strengthen the links between you and them.

  • Build A Community for Existing Partners & Clients

Customers and businesses prefer active, real-time communication, and messaging apps allow all parties to stay in the loop.

  • Utilise Chatbots in Innovative Ways

Messaging app chatbots can be used for promotional techniques such as delivering content and encouraging customer engagement. Many consumers like interacting with bots as they give the user exactly what they need without any redundant filler.

  • Use One-To-One Messaging

Many consumers appreciate the personal touch, so presenting messages in a personalised format is likely to strike a chord with them.

  • Partner with Influencers

By teaming up with a relevant influencer to fit your target market, you could elicit huge open rates and customer engagement.

Read our infographic “How to Boost Your Open Rates Through Messaging Apps” to find out more today.

    Boost Your Open Rates Through Messaging Apps (Infographic)  

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