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Cadoo Bulk Messaging Platform

Connect with your audience instantly with our powerful messaging platform service solution. Simple, reliable bulk or individual messaging that you can count on is possible with the Cadoo platform. Our suite of services keeps all your contacts up to date at the click of a mouse with options including our Cadoo App, data-compliant GDPR Pro, and single SMS products. With every Cadoo product you can reach your target market with a bulk message campaign (as well as individual message options), then track the results with our awesome live reports for sms marketing analysis. Targeted customer messaging has become commonplace across the United Kingdom and Cadoo is a messaging platform provider at the forefront of communications technology


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Messaging Platform

Send a message to all your contacts instantly. Put your message directly into the hands of all your contacts.

Experience the benefits of our Messaging Platform

Text messages have a proven record of reaching a large market instantly. Use our data-compliant messaging services to tailor your campaign and target your specific audience in a cost-effective manner. Our easy-to-use Cadoo application will save you time and money. Login to the online platform then send bulk or individual SMS via our secure gateway for effortless messaging. Cadoo is the provider putting your contacts at your fingertips!


Bulk Web SMS

Key Benefits of our Messaging Platform

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  • Customisable Sender ID
  • User-friendly app with Real-Time analytics
  • Ability to schedule in advance
  • GDPR-compliant, protected contact storage for easy client communications
  • Multiple users per account
  • Variables allow for dynamic bulk SMS tasks
  • Secure delivery for bulk and individual messages
  • Send SMS from the web regardless of location

A data compliant message provider for high-impact service, marketing & communications

Mobile Bulk Messaging – Simple Works.

At Cadoo, we like to keep things simple. If you have any questions on our messaging platform or have other messaging requirements, we’re sure we have the solution for you with our wide range of products. Get in touch today – we’re here to help!

Whatever your query, feel free to call +353 21 243 0700 or e-mail us on info@cadoo.com