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Mobile payments are your time-saving, customer-impressing solution in just one payment link. Collecting funds is revolutionised with our Cadoo mobile payment platform that’s been shown to reduce bad debt by up to 90% and payment times from 30 days to 5 minutes!

Your mobile payment solution is enabled via our messaging platform with easy-to-use technology. With just a simple message, you’re modernising your accounts and future-proofing your business. It’s time to Click and Get Paid!


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The Cadoo total solution integrates SMS and payments to deliver highest overall response – Users are more likely to pay immediately with a convenient easy–to–use method.

Cadoo Payments

Fast, friendly, mobile payments.


Key benefits of Cadoo Payments:

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  • Timely, relaxed payment options
  • Customisable branding on invoices & links
  • Eliminate hours wasted chasing overdue payments
  • Straight-forward mobile payment systems
  • Mobile stakeholder interactions
  • Integrated business processes
  • Streamlined bookkeeping & live reporting tools
  • Payment solutions fit for all companies

Every transaction is secure & efficient with Cadoo’s mobile payment platform solution

Innovate how you manage payments – efficient, effective & enjoyable account modernisation.

Whatever your query, feel free to call +353 21 243 0700 or e-mail us on info@cadoo.com