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  • SMS Marketing / GDPR Pro

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    Cadoo is a leading provider of flexible mobile messaging solutions. Our services provide a simple, easy to use method to deliver your message instantly to your target audience! At Cadoo we can put the power of mobile messaging in YOUR HANDS. About GDPR PRO With our GDPR Pro product you can instantly communicate with your […]

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  • 5 Tips to get the most from SMS Marketing

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    Businesses and Organisations are leveraging SMS Marketing as a way to communicate with their target audience. However, it is essential that these businesses are aware of how they can get the most from SMS Marketing. Top 5 tips offered by Cadoo to help you get the most from your SMS marketing campaign. Getting Your message across […]

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  • The 5 W’s of SMS Marketing

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    The Mobile Revolution has hit!! Mobile phones today are now a necessity, due to advances and changes in Technology mobile phones are simply getting BIGGER and BETTER!! With over 90% of individuals having access to a mobile phone you would think that this would be the most effective communication tool used by Businesses and Organisations […]

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  • SMS Marketing For Retailers

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    Text messaging is available on 100% of mobile phones, whether people have a basic handset or the latest feature-rich Smartphone, text message marketing can put your business directly in touch with your target audience. Permission-based text marketing is a simple and low cost effective method of communication and retailers need to leverage the power of SMS […]

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  • Welcome to our new blog!

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    Welcome to our brand new Blog! Cadoo has established itself as a market leader in SMS since 2003, firstly as NeonSMS and more recently as our rebranded Cadoo! We decided to add a News & Blog page to address any SMS or mobile communication queries that we come across daily. Here you will find helpful […]

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